Notre Mission

Artefita has a set of guidelines, which support its activity and contribute to the success it aims its goal is also to sea this success materialized in value added.

Global vision and continuous improvement.

We have a market global vision and a relationship towards the world.


We know that combining efforts we can attain the aimed sucess.

To focus our aim on the client.

We value clients knowledge, their pecutiantes and our constant concern in fulfilling their needs.

Facts acknowledgement.

We Know our success depends on the performance and success of other elementsvalue chain, such as suppliers.

People and work value.

We bet on the importance of human resources its availability, motivation and involement.

Social conscience.

We are integrated in the community, guided by values as the environment protection, school education, citizenship and ethics.

We care.

About the production of GREEN products. It means thinking about the development, the manufacturing, the materials, and finally, the recycling capabilities of each product in the end of life.


We believe it is with our example that we stimulate the respect and fulfilment of our guidelines.